Doubles Calls

This database contains all the Doubles calls used in the Variations Library, arranged in order of their code letters. A single letter code indicates a symmetrical call, while double letter codes indicate asymmetrical ones. An asterisk after the code shows that the call is made below the treble; these calls are the reverse of the corresponding code without an asterisk.

Note that some calls are known by more than one name. Where both names are still current, then both are shown. An entry shown greyed and in italic is not a currently used name, but shown only for historical completeness.

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CodeNameDiagramRinging WorldPerformancesNotes
a Reverse Canterbury Bob Call Image    
a* Anaconda Single Call Image 2001/78Tuckingmill, 8 Jan 2001 
ab Barrington Single Call Image 2019/38Barrington, 24 Dec 2018 
ab New Newark Plain Call Image 1966/135  
ab* Reverse New Newark Plain Call Image    
ao Talacharn Bob Call Image 2010/1112Laugharne, 16 Oct 2010 
ar Golden Bob Call Image 1994/52 and 1995/1215Lichfield (St Michael), 18 Nov 1993Rung as 'au' in 1993. Also named as Dragon Bob (RW 1966 p. 263).
as Roman Bob Call Image 1992/343Lichfield (St Michael), 15 Mar 1992 
as* Fremantle Single Call Image 2012/953Claremont (WA), 24 Aug 2012 
at Demvihja Extreme Call Image 1989/375Sedgley, 1 Apr 1989 
b Plain Bob Bob Call Image    
b Reverse Denmark Hill Single Call Image    
b* Denmark Hill Single Call Image 1969/171 and 1969/260  
ba Shepherds Pie Bob Call Image 1966/135 and 2014/471Llandeilo, 12 Apr 2014 
ba Newark Plain Call Image 1966/135  
ba* Reverse Newark Plain Call Image    
bo Robert Bob Call Image 2014/1093Cardigan, 11 Oct 2014 
br Burton Bob Call Image 1993/920 and 1995/1215Church Gresley, 25 Jul 1993Rung as 'bu' in 1993.
bs Antelope Plain Call Image    
bs* Reverse Antelope Plain Call Image