Doubles Calls

This database contains all the Doubles calls used in the Variations Library, arranged in order of their code letters. A single letter code indicates a symmetrical call, while double letter codes indicate asymmetrical ones. An asterisk after the code shows that the call is made below the treble; these calls are the reverse of the corresponding code without an asterisk.

Note that some calls are known by more than one name. Where both names are still current, then both are shown. An entry shown greyed and in italic is not a currently used name, but shown only for historical completeness.

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CodeNameDiagramRinging WorldPerformancesNotes
bt British Bob Call Image 1993/1134Church Gresley, 21 Aug 1993 
c Grandsire Single Call Image    
c* Fruitbat Bob Call Image 2002/148Tuckingmill, 14 Jan 2002 
c* Reverse Grandsire Single Call Image    
cd Thurlby Single Call Image 1964/497 and 1968/595 Given as Thurlby Bob in 1964.
d Old Single Call Image    
dc London Single Call Image 1964/497 and 1968/595  
df P-Single Call Image 1968/652  
dn Kit Kat Single Call Image 1997/743Long Buckby, 12 Jun 1997 
e Grandsire Extreme Call Image    
e* Fruitbat Extreme Call Image 2002/1145Lelant, 17 Oct 2002 
ej Ready Money Single Call Image 1964/497 and 1968/595 Given as Ready Money Bob in 1964.
ek Wadkin Extreme Call Image 1988/415Kibworth Beauchamp, 2 Mar 1988 
em St Michael's Extreme Call Image 1991/159Lichfield, 6 Jan 1991 
eq Extraterrestrial Extreme Call Image 1993/163 and 1995/1215Lichfield, 10 Jan 1993Rung as 'et' in 1993.
f Wallflower Single Call Image    
f* Anaconda Bob Call Image 2002/148Tuckingmill, 14 Jan 2002 
f* Reverse Wallflower Single Call Image    
fd Gresley Single Call Image 1986/1107Church Gresley, 2 Dec 1986 
g Antelope Single Call Image