Under the new Central Council Framework for Method Ringing (Section 5.D), a Variation is defined as a named combination of a Method and a Call or Calls. Note that while a variation has the same Class as the underlying Method on which it is based, it does not use a Class Descriptor in its name (for instance, Bob or Place).

The Framework includes the requirement that the Central Council kept a Library of Calls and Variations. This is intended to become that Library, but work is still needed to sort out a few historical anomalies and make sure everything is in consistent with the new Framework. There are also quite a number of duplicate names, which will need to be clarified. Some of the current issues are listed here; all comments gratefully received.

The Help section explains how variations are constructed by inserting different calls into a method.

Doubles Variations

Most of the Variations here are for Doubles Methods, largely because under the previous Central Council Decisions, this was the only Stage at which Variations were defined.

To find details of a particular Doubles variation, either use the quick search below or use the Search by Name link at the top of the page.

Alternatively, you can Search by Structure, specifying either the underlying method or the call (or calls) or both. There is also a single table of all named Doubles Variations, arranged in order of parent method.

A list of all the named Calls used in the Library is given here, with their code letters. You can also use the Search for Calls link above to search the list by name or by other criteria. Help on calls and their code letters is also available.

Many of the variations listed here have had different names or spellings assigned to them over the years. This collection of Debated Names has been compiled in order to show the evidence of various usages. A letter in the Ringing World (1 May 2020, p. 433) requested further information on any of the names. If you can help, please .

Latest Additions

Pangbourne: Rung at Overton, 12 Jul 2024
St John Damascene: Rung at Cambridge (St Bene't), 12 Jul 2024
Billy and Karen's Wedding: Rung at York (St Lawrence), 20 Jun 2024
St John The Wonderworking Unmercenary: Rung at Cambridge (St Bene't), 14 Jun 2024
D-Day 80: Rung at Birchington, 6 Jun 2024
Jennie's 90th: Rung at Birchington, 4 Jun 2024
Eighteenth Birthday: Rung at Alwalton, 1 Jun 2024
D-Day: Rung at Cambridge (GSM), 6 May 2024
St Lydwine: Rung at Birchington, 14 Apr 2024
Uncle Fred: Rung at Birchington, 12 Apr 2024
It's only little me and Ruddy 'ooligans: Rung at Birchington, 9 Apr 2024
They don't like it up 'em and Stupid Boy: Rung at Warmington, 7 Apr 2024
Low Sunday: Rung at Birchington, 7 Apr 2024
Vernet-les-Bains: Rung at Vernet-les-Bains, 7 Apr 2024
St George and The Dragon: Rung at Overton, 5 Apr 2024
St John Fisher: Rung at Cambridge (St Bene't), 5 Apr 2024
Claire Stay: Rung at Birchington, 31 Mar 2024
Commonwealth Day: Rung at Birchington, 10 Mar 2024
Pick 'n Mix: Rung at Birchington, 5 Mar 2024
If Everyone Is Ready: Rung at Birchington, 3 Mar 2024

Variations at Other Stages

This table shows Variations at other stages. If you know of any others, please let know.

NameStageMethodCallRW RefNotes
BroughamMinorPlain BobCumbria Bob1978/827, 1978/890Peal rung at Brougham, 8 Aug 1978
Pride of MelbourneMinorPlain BobBob, Single and 1256 Extreme1978/917Quarter peal rung at High Halden, 23 Sep 1978
Norton KnatchbullMinorPlain BobPlain Bob Bob and 1256 Extreme1978/1089Quarter peal rung at Little Chart, 25 Nov 1978
HighworthMinorPlain BobPlain Bob Single and 1256 Extreme1978/1089Quarter peal rung at Little Chart, 25 Nov 1978
ChironMinorPlain BobOld Bob and Plain Bob Single1979/546Quarter peal rung at High Halden, 26 May 1979
TelstarMinorPlain BobOld Bob and 1256 Extreme1979/546Quarter peal rung at High Halden, 26 May 1979
Scapa FlowMinorPlain BobWreford Bob1978/827, 1978/890Peal rung at Plumpton, 9 Aug 1978
BurghclereMinorPlain Bob36 Bob as treble is in 4-5 and Plain Bob Single1974/897, 1974/903Peal rung at Burghclere, 4 Oct 1974
April DayMinorPlain BobGrandsire Single1962/755Peal rung at Loughborough (Bellfoundry), 12 Oct 1962
May DayMinorPlain BobPlain Bob Bob and Pink's Single1975/450Peal rung at Woolton Hill, 1 May 1975
KenningtonMinorPlain BobSingle Canterbury Bob1964/472Peal rung at Cropthorne, 20 Jun 1964
SouthreppsMinorSingle Canterbury Pleasure BobPlain Bob Bob1964/49Peal rung at Collingham, 14 Dec 1963
Von Th√ľnen PleasureMinorSingle Canterbury BobSingle Canterbury Bob and 1256 Extreme1979/738720 rung at Egerton, 9 Jul 1979
Weber PleasureMinorSingle Canterbury BobSingle Canterbury Single and 1256 Extreme1979/738720 rung at Egerton, 9 Jul 1979
April DayTriplesPlain BobGrandsire Single1973/337Quarter peal rung at Deptford, 1 Apr 1973
May DayTriplesPlain BobPink's Single2023/842Quarter peal rung at Shepton Mallet, 25 May 2023
Liberation DayTriplesPlain BobPlain Bob Bob and/or Single and Grandsire Bob and/or Single Quarter peal rung at St Peter Port, 9 May 2024
Pink'sTriplesGrandsirePink's Bob and Pink's Single1986/388Quarter peal rung at Bexhill on Sea, 9 Mar 1986
SouthreppsTriplesCanterbury Pleasure BobPlain Bob Bob1971/784Quarter peal rung at Deptford, 8 Aug 1971
St David'sTriplesCanterbury Pleasure BobAntelope Single2009/283Quarter peal rung at Eastbourne, 1 Mar 2009
EynshamTriplesSt Simon's BobGrandsire Single2013/1012Quarter peal rung at Thatcham, 25 Aug 2013
April DayMajorPlain BobGrandsire Single1977/362Quarter peal rung at Lower Beeding, 2 Apr 1977
April DayCatersPlain BobGrandsire Single2011/374Quarter peal rung at Shrivenham, 26 Feb 2011
April DayRoyalPlain BobGrandsire Single2023/523Quarter peal rung at York (St Wilfrid), 5 May 2023